Fiction or Non-fiction? Or something else…

A question to you..

  • What do you find yourself reading most, fiction or non-fiction? Poetry? Or may be something else, anything else..? Blogs? Or maybe you don’t like reading?
  • I then want to know, what effect does your chosen medium have on you? In other words, what do you perhaps gain (or not gain)?

Do comment! I would really enjoy hearing from you, and if a few people comment we can bounce off each other.

I’ll go first.. The reason I’m asking this question is that when I find myself reading fiction, I have an automatic response (an almost weird unconscious habit) of finding something non-fiction (usually essays) by the same author. More often than not I’m more engaged by the non-fiction. Though best of all I feel getting into the authors non-fiction writing, the novel somehow become more alive to me.