Fiction or Non-fiction? Or something else…

A question to you..

  • What do you find yourself reading most, fiction or non-fiction? Poetry? Or may be something else, anything else..? Blogs? Or maybe you don’t like reading?
  • I then want to know, what effect does your chosen medium have on you? In other words, what do you perhaps gain (or not gain)?

Do comment! I would really enjoy hearing from you, and if a few people comment we can bounce off each other.

I’ll go first.. The reason I’m asking this question is that when I find myself reading fiction, I have an automatic response (an almost weird unconscious habit) of finding something non-fiction (usually essays) by the same author. More often than not I’m more engaged by the non-fiction. Though best of all I feel getting into the authors non-fiction writing, the novel somehow become more alive to me.


The spark is from dead wisdom, but the fire is life.

D.H. Lawrence reminds me that even the ‘highest’ form of knowledge, is still only knowledge.

The power lies neither in speaking, nor in silence. The power lies in neither asking, nor in giving. The power lies in neither living, nor in dying. The power lies neither in kingdoms, nor in the realms of the mind. The power lies in neither remembrance, or spiritual knowledge. The power lies neither within the world, or methods to escape the world. The power lies in the hands of those who watch. Nanak, no one is high or low. 33.


33rd stanza from Guru Nanak’s masterpiece – Jap Ji. Translated into English. More on this coming soon..