Situation A) Sandpaper Y and sandpaper Z are rubbing against each other, producing heat. Both A and B are moving equally fast and forcibly as is possible. Point 1) It would be absurd side with Sandpaper Y and say Sandpaper Z is the sole, or greater contributor to the heat.  Point 2) The opposite, naturally, … More Friction


Is it possible to make a mistake? My mind will continually assess what the correct cause of action is. How I should play the entire situation that is my life? Will the next step be the right one? Could people think badly of me? Could I lose something? Will I waste time in this endeavour? … More Knowing


It seems strange that a mind can make a statement such as ‘it does not make sense that I know my own best interests?’ or  ‘ it doesn’t seem that I have a hand in my own peace’, yet live opposite to this. Believing in it’s own power. Now, this is often explained by understanding … More Confusion

The spark

The spark is from dead wisdom, but the fire is life. D.H. Lawrence reminds me that even the ‘highest’ form of knowledge, is still only knowledge.