The power lies neither in speaking, nor in silence. The power lies in neither asking, nor in giving. The power lies in neither living, nor in dying. The power lies neither in kingdoms, nor in the realms of the mind. The power lies in neither remembrance, or spiritual knowledge. The power lies neither within the world, or methods to escape the world. The power lies in the hands of those who watch. Nanak, no one is high or low. 33.


33rd stanza from Guru Nanak’s masterpiece – Jap Ji. Translated into English. More on this coming soon..


2 thoughts on “No power

  1. As this post is a translation into english, the rhyme and flow is lost.

    Here is how it actually sounds in it’s original format;

    aakhan jor chupai neh jor.
    jor na mangan dhaen na jor.
    jor na jeevan maran neh jor.
    jor na raaj maal man sor.
    jor na surathee giaan veechaar.
    jor na jugathee shhuttai sa(n)saar.
    jis hathh jor kar vaekhai soe.
    nanak outham neech n koe. 33.

    Below is a link of this verse being sung. Although I think originally it is meant to be said not sung, because otherwise it would be assigned a particular set of notes (called raga, or in english flavour/colour). Not one hundred percent sure on that though. Nonetheless, the link is cool.

    (p.s. why do I keep coming across youtube videos with slideshows of changing landscapes!? haha)

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